Pipefitters Local 208 on the Importance of Natural Gas Backups in the Winter


(December 9, 2022)

“A coalition of businesses, local governments, utilities and workers has advocated for natural gas as the “most cost-effective means for cooking, heating homes, and powering businesses.” Denver Pipefitters Local 208 is one of the unions in Coloradans for Energy Access. Gary Arnold, the union’s business manager, said he would recommend using gas as a backup for a heat pump in cold weather.

‘It’s important that consumers understand that there are different kinds of heat pumps. The latest, greatest cold climate heat pumps can operate in pretty cold temperatures,’ Arnold said.

Other heat pumps will stop working at certain temperatures, depending on the system design and a house’s insulation, Arnold said. Members of the union work on large gas-distribution systems but also include service technicians who work on gas furnaces and heat pumps.”

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