Natural gas is key for housing affordability in Grand Junction


By James Keif

(July 27, 2022) It’s no wonder why the Grand Junction area is growing. The Western Slope is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and easy access to the mountains all around us. But the growing population is putting pressure on a housing supply that was already tight. Like many Western Slope communities, Grand Junction has an affordable housing problem, and the town is short more than 2,000 affordable housing units. Many residents are crowding in with family or roommates to make ends meet. In these conditions, making housing affordable should be a top priority for our elected officials.

One of the key ways to do this is by giving homeowners and renters access to a variety of energy choices, including natural gas for cooking, home heating and powering other household appliances like clothes dryers. For decades, natural gas has been a reliable, affordable energy source for Coloradans, and the technology is only getting better. Today’s natural gas appliances are cleaner and more energy efficient than older models and are already consumer favorites. After all, about 70% of Colorado homes currently use natural gas.

As we look to address the very real affordable housing problem in our community, allowing access to a range of energy sources will be important. This will help residents choose what works best for their family and their budget. It may also make it easier to construct more affordable housing, including more affordable rental housing, while supporting good-paying jobs and a strong economy.

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