Workforce Leaders and Businesses Launch Coloradans for Energy Access to Promote Equity and Innovation in Energy


(January 25, 2022) Today, a broad coalition of businesses, organizations, utilities, and workforce leaders have launched Coloradans for Energy Access, to support preserving access to natural gas in homes and businesses.

Thanks to ever-increasing innovation and efficiency, natural gas is relied on to help Colorado meet its greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals while keeping energy costs low. By focusing on common sense solutions – rather than policies that limit energy access and increase costs – natural gas can help reach our shared goal of providing affordable energy that lowers emissions.

Upon the launch of the Coloradans for Energy Access, the coalition’s leaders issued the following statements.

“Coloradans for Energy Access is dedicated to supporting the safe and efficient use of natural gas to heat their homes and power their businesses. Access to natural gas is especially critical for rural communities throughout the state that often deal with adverse weather and often lack the extensive physical energy infrastructure of larger urban areas.

We should all support the goals of keeping energy affordable and reliable while constantly making progress to address our environmental challenges. Natural gas plays a vital role in that effort and this coalition, by supporting access, innovation, and equity, will help every community, no matter how big or small, achieve those goals.”

Sara Blackhurt, CEO of Action 22

“Every homeowner in Colorado knows the importance of reliable and affordable energy and natural gas helps meet this demand by providing the power needed for home heating, cooking, and operating other critical appliances. Homes also hold tremendous potential for reducing emissions and as natural gas systems become cleaner and more efficient, this fuel can help hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the state reduce their energy use and carbon impact.

That’s the dual goals of Coloradans for Energy Access: providing low-cost energy while supporting a healthy environment.”

Ty Adams, CEO of the Colorado Association of Realtors

“Natural gas is absolutely critical for construction and infrastructure in Colorado. As the state grows and new development happens at a rapid pace, natural gas provides the reliable energy that residents and businesses can count on.

Today, thanks to ever-increasing innovation, natural gas is becoming more efficient and cleaner. That means big savings for consumers and benefits for the environment. Denver Pipefitters is proud to be a part of this coalition to support reliable and sustainable energy use and development in Colorado.”

Gary Arnold, Business Manager of Denver Pipefitters Local 208

“The members of IBEW see firsthand on the job every day the importance of reliable and affordable energy and natural gas plays a vital role in supporting the development of new construction projects.

As more people continue to move Colorado and as we deal with extreme weather, natural gas should continue to play a foundational role in our economic development. It will ensure that Coloradans can continue heating their homes and cooking their meals in an affordable and efficient manner.”

Rich Meisinger, Business Manager of IBEW Local 111

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